Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fall Farm Tour

It's that time of year again :) I LOVE driving around the countryside and seeing all the beautiful landscapes and colors!

Our first stop was Sunny's_Corner_Farm. The girls got to "paint a pony" and go on a pony ride. For an added bonus they got to help brush down one of the horses before the owner took him out for a ride.

Next we went to Ayrshire_Farm. We took a hay ride from the "parking lot" to the farm. The girls did face painting and painted some pumpkins to bring home. We got to see all kinds of animals and produce, try some fresh organic turkey and apple cider. We also bought some apple fritters -I could eat those all day long!!

After the farm we headed over to Hunter's_Head_Tavern for lunch. Most of the food they serve is from Ayrshire Farm -local, organic, and very yummy. Clay had the pulled pork sandwich. I had the butternut squash and goat cheese lasagna (with sweet potato fries!!). Rebekah had the best tasting mac & cheese I have ever had!! I think Emma ordered a pizza.

From there we drove through the cute old town of Middleburg and stopped in the Home_Farm_Store, another place that you can buy food from the local farms. They had an old fashion ice cream shop upstairs. They also had THESE!! Maple frosted donuts topped with bacon! I really wasn't sure whether I should be grossed out or start drooling...

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