Saturday, October 22, 2011

Battle of Balls Bluff

I have never been a history buff. I have never read a Civil War book. I didn't know that Gone_With_the_Wind was about the Civil War until a few years ago. I watched Sweet_Home_Alabama and wondered "why do they keep doing reenactments of the Civil War?"

Yet here I am. Ready and excited to watch the reenactment of the Battle_of_Balls_Bluff.

I now live in the South. This area is RICH is history. I have met many people here who have a deep heritage with the Confederates. My home sits on the land that this battle was fought. This kind of reenactment takes 150 years to make. Really, a once in a lifetime opportunity.

On our way in we passed these Confederates waiting for the battle to begin.
There were many spectators dressed up too. This first lady was portraying the widow of one of the captains who died in this battle.
The battle started off in the woods where we couldn't see. It was shortly after followed by lots of cannon fire.
Then they lined up and started shooting.
Meanwhile there was another front happening behind us in the woods.
Finally, the Union pulled back and the Confederates charged in.

There were lots of casualties.

But in the end the Union solders surrendered.

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