Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Trip home

Here are some funny conversations from our trip.

Clay to Rebekah: Is it possible for you to NOT destroy or break everything you play with?
R: ... no.

Clay to Heidi: Why did you give her (Rebekah) so much meat? You know she has a stomach the size of a pea!
Emma: What did you say?
Rebekah: He said I'm full of pee!!!

Emma (wielding her wand at Rebekah): I'll turn you into a unicorn
R: Ribbit
E: I'll turn you into a horse
R: Ribbit
E: I'll turn you into a frog
R: Neigh

Emma: I would say they were perfect days (seeing the dolphins and getting her wand).

1 comment:

Heather Rose-Chase said...

I'm full of pee! I almost peed myself reading that! Love that girl!!!