Monday, July 18, 2011

Thanks Auntie Heather!

Squeals of delight is what I heard when the girls opened a package from their Auntie Heather. Heather, my brother Mike, and their 2 boys have moved to Macau (near Hong Kong). Heather generously decided to bequeath her collection of pre-Mattel Disney Princess dolls to my girls. They are in heaven!!

Funny thing is just a few days before Emma was commenting on how all of Rebekah's barbie dolls have blonde (or pink) hair. None of them had brown hair like her. When this box arrived Emma quickly grabbed Meg from Hercules and told Rebekah she could have all the other dolls if she could have this one. She wears a purple dress, her favorite color. I always think she would like Belle who also has brown hair and likes to read like Emma, but no, she went for Meg.

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