Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Tanner!

Today my nephew, Tanner, turns 16. And what do we do? Make him get up early and drag him all around DC.

First stop, the Bureau_of_Engraving_and_Printing. No picture allowed inside of the actual process of printing dollars.

Here the girls are showing how tall they are in $100 dollar bills. Also of note is that on the $10,000 dollar bill is Salmon_P_Chase, Treasury Secretary and Supreme Court Justice. Yes we are related, very distantly. He is my 6th cousin 6 times removed. Our common ancestor is Benjamin or Aquila Chase born in 1580 in the UK. So there.

This was then the day to walk around to all the monuments on the mall. We walked around to the Jefferson_Memorial.

From there we walked back to the Washington_Monument and went up to the top. Check out the SS guys on the roof of the White House! These other shots are of the Lincoln, Jefferson, WWII, Capitol Building, and a huge #1 out of tulips in front of the Eisenhower building. The statue is for the First Division of the American Expeditionary Forces who gave their lives in WWI.

Emma liked these lilacs. We found this lesser known monument to John_Paul_Jones.

I really love the WWII_Memorial. Each star (behind Emma) represents 100 American service personnel who died or remained missing in the war. As a special treat we saw this group of WWII veterans from Wisconsin, there as part of the Honor_Flight_Network helping all the WWII veterans see the memorial before they die. It was so sweet and touching. I got a chance to talk to a couple of them, ask them about their service, and thank them for what they did.

On the Vietnam_Memorial, or the Wall, are the names of those who died in service in the order that they died.

Here is the Lincoln_Memorial.

The Korean_War_Memorial. and a view of the Jefferson from the FDR_Memorial.
After all that walking we went to the Holocaust_Museum. Rebekah had fallen asleep on my shoulder, so I sat this one out. I've been a few times. It is very moving and disturbing. A story that needs to be told, but is hard to hear.

After all that we returned home to celebrate Tanner's 16th Birthday. I made a very quick cake on Sunday before church, finished decorating it with piping gel, threw on some candles and called it good. He also had "all-you-can-eat" (which is A LOT) chicken nuggets and corn dogs per his request for dinner. Poor Tanner. Wish we could have done more for him. Not only did we drag him around all over DC, but most of it was spent with Rebekah on his shoulders. What a good kid he is.

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