Tuesday, April 19, 2011


For a change of scenery we went to Gettysburg_National_Military_Park. In the new visitor's center is a cyclorama painting of the Battle of Gettysburg by French artist Paul Philippoteaux done in the late 1880s. Pretty cool, very realistic.

They have a great museum that covers the history of the Civil War. I didn't realize that 9 states in the south didn't even have Lincoln on the ballot. Yet, he still won.

It all started when South Carolina declared it's independence from the Union. I loved all the different versions of the flag they had on display. It is just fascinating to see how it has changed and what it meant at different times.

On to the battlefield. It is strewn with monuments from every state that fought in the war.

Here is little round top. And Tanner on top of one of the monuments.

The girls got a little tired of stopping at monuments. They passed their time by looking for four-leaf clovers. And they all found one!

Rebekah's was a four-leaf clover until she pulled a couple of the leaves off...

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