Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Field Trip

I got to chaperone Rebekah's field trip.
First time I have been selected to be a chaperone was just in Oct for Emma's field trip to GMU. 
First time Ever.
Not in preschool. Not in kindergarten. Not any previous year. 
This is my 2nd field trip.

Now I know a secret.
 I can go on all of Rebekah's field trips. 
Rebekah has an epi-pen for her allergies. 
As the parent of a child with severe allergies the schools can not refuse me to attend to my child on any trips. I am protected by school policy and some state and national laws.

Rebekah's trip was also to GMU to see The Junie B Jones Musical.
Just for the record, I do not approve of the books. The Musical was much better.
Here is my group of "sparkly dolphins".


Heather Rose-Chase said...

Wow... I remember the schools in CA begging parents to be chaperones... is it because so many people sign up that you've not been able to go? That's crazy. I "had" to go on a lot of field trips because if I didn't, the field trip might have been cancelled for lack of help. Field trips drain me so much... Glad to be homeschooling for this season though, where every day can be a field trip but it's just my own kids!

Heidi Hunt said...

That is so different from here. Yes, there are too many parents that sign up. It always says they will choose by raffle, but it is not true. Last year some of the parents who went on the field trip said that the teacher chose the parents who volunteered in the classroom to go on the field trip. Well, I volunteered and was not chosen. But I didn't know I could play the "allergy card" last year. Some parents seem to go on EVERY field trip. So it makes me upset that they don't pick fairly.

Kerry said...

please share about your disapproval of JunieB. I don't know anything about it, and am curious...