Friday, April 18, 2014

Biltmore Estate

Sheri had all kinds of crafts and activities planned for the girls. We had a great time hanging out together.
One of the things the girls enjoyed the most was tie-dying eggs and decorating them with gems and fairy tattoos. It was a fun experience for the girls.
 Another day we got to visit the Biltmore Estate.

I felt like I was walking up to Downton Abbey. 
The architecture was really cool. I loved all the weird gargoyles carved in the stone.
 The house was so HUGE! So big and so many rooms. It was overwhelming.
The gardens were amazing.
Everything was in bloom and beautiful. It was so great to see. It made me happy just to be there and walk around. Emma even commented that it was the first time she had seen me smile in a while. 
Yes, it has been a long winter. 
 While we were on the tour we saw this:
Its a mother ground hog carrying her baby back to it's home (or an new hole, I don't really know why she would be carrying her baby out in the open like that, I don't even know how many babies ground hogs have...)
We noticed this cool path up to another lawn and gazebo. We wanted to walk up there and check it out, but it was raining. That did not, however, deter Emma. You can see a little purple spot on the photo below as she was running back down the path.

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