Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fall Farm Tour

I love the farm tour! I love getting out of the house and driving around the countryside. And I love seeing all the fall colors.

Our first stop was the Equine Rescue League to see the horses. They rescue horses that have been mistreated, ill-cared for, or the owner can't afford to take care of them anymore. They get the horses cleaned, fed, happy, and healthy again. Then the horses are available for adoption. This first horse was healthy and very friendly. The other mare and foal were from a group that they rescued just last week. So sad to see these animals so malnourished. 

Next we went to the Double 8 Alpaca Ranch for some soft and woolly alpacas. Turned out the wife was one of Emma's Futura teachers! Small world. She is a busy lady teaching full-time and owning and operating an farm. She told us they make more money on the sale and breeding of their alpacas than they do from the actual fleece and yarn of the alpacas. Look at those cute faces!

After the alpacas we went to George's Mill Farm Artisan Cheese to see goats and cheese. The girls had fun feeding leaves to the baby goats. We got to sample some traditional feta and other goat cheeses.

Finally, we drove to Chicama Run farm to pick eggs. The girls got to go into the hen house and pick a half dozen eggs each. They loved feeding the chickens. Rebekah loved to drop the chicken feed at her feet and be surrounded by the chickens. Emma preferred to toss the chicken feed far away from her. We also picked up some homemade fudge from fresh cows milk and fresh breakfast sausage.

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