Thursday, June 6, 2013

Last Day of School -Graduation

Last day of school pictures!
Today was Emma's 5th Grade Graduation Ceremony.
I had the pleasure of representing Ketoctin Chapter D.A.R. to award a 5th grader with the DAR Youth Citizenship Medal. This is my 3rd year presenting the award at Emma's school, but this time it was for Emma's class. I know all these kids. I got a little emotional presenting the award this year.
(Emma's school counselor and I before the program)
The gal who won, Anna Lunt, is a friend of Emma's and they enjoy getting their teachers confused (Anna Lunt & Emma Hunt). In fact, Emma missed getting a certificate for being part of the Morning Show because it was awarded to "Anna Hunt". They we both confused, but it was Anna's name on the certificate and he never called for Emma. Both girls had been part of the Morning Show.

But never fear, there were PLENTY of other certificates for Emma. 

There was a reception in the cafeteria for 5th grade families. 
Here's a photo of Emma with her homeroom teacher, Mrs. Lissak.

A few of the neighborhood moms put together a "School's Out" water party for the kids. 
It started raining a couple hours before school got out.
We decided the kids could still play in the rain with the water toys. They'll get wet either way.

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