Friday, June 21, 2013


I mentioned in this post that we had another activity planned for our anniversary. But it is very dependent on the weather. After rescheduling 6 times we finally had good weather. This is what we've been waiting for...
A ride in a Hot Air Balloon!
Clay was given a rewards package as a thank you for all his hard work at Orbital Sciences. He got to choose from several different "adventure" items. We decided that this would be fun.
Clay helped get the balloon set up.

There was another smaller balloon going up at the same time as ours. Ours had 4 couples plus the operator. We went in the evening. It was so cool to look down at the valley while floating in the basket (with no parachute or safety harnesses...yeah, I got a little freaked out at first but told myself if it was dangerous they would have provided those things).
The other balloon provided some great shots. 
Oh no! Clay's hat caught on fire!
Only kidding. Just thought it would be a funny shot.
Actually, that flame was really hot! When we took off, I thought the hairs on my arms and eyebrows were going to get singed. They didn't but I understood why the operator was wearing a hat. It was hot and you could not get away from it. 
We landed just past some horses in a small neighborhood. Everyone came out of their houses to see us.

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