Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Magic Kingdom

When going to Disney World you have to go to the Magic Kingdom. It is the iconic park with the big castle. We were excited to check out the new Fantasyland.

See that pig crane behind the Castle? There were some guys in a basket cleaning or painting the Castle.
Here's some of the regular rides -Tea Cups and Carousel of Progress.
I took this picture of Emma at Small World. I sent it to her piano teacher saying that she was still doing her piano practice even while on vacation. Emma has a recital coming up and one of the pieces she is playing is It's a Small World.
 The new Fantasyland wasn't as exciting as I hoped. First off, it is not completed yet. We hoped to eat at the Be Our Guest restaurant for lunch, but the line was so incredibly long. The line for Enchanted Stories with Belle was also around 75 minutes. However, we did make it to the Ariel's Undersea Adventure ride. They did a pretty good job with the animatronics.

Splash Mountain was closed. We went on Space Mountain. I have to say that I like the on at Disneyland better. Here you sit in single seats. At Disneyland it's a 2-seater with speakers on either side of the headrest so the music goes with you. However, I do like Big Thunder Mountain Railroad better here at Disney World. It's just a bigger, steeper ride. We did have a special surprise treat. While we were on the people mover ride Space Mountain shut down and they turned the lights on! I snapped a quick picture before we passed it. I don't know why that is so exciting, but it is!

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