Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Mike and family planned on starting their day at Animal Kingdom and then going to Epcot. We decided just to go to Epcot and meet them there later. We went on Spaceship Earth, Soarin', the Seas with Nemo & Friends, and then into the World Showcase area. Last time we were there they had a Kim Possible mission/scavenger hunt thing that the girls loved. Well they changed it to Agent P from Phineas & Ferb. We started in Norway. Then Emma did Mexico followed by France. Rebekah got tired of it so we just sat and ate an ice cream while Emma ran around. It really is a fun way to explore the countries, but does take a bit of running around. Emma saved China to do with her cousins. They had a great time with that. I noticed that each of them had different tasks to do in China. I had thought it would all be the same. I guess this way you can do it a few different times and not get bored.

Emma recently did a report on Buckminster_Fuller who gets credit for designing a Geodesic Dome, just like the one here at Epcot.

 Here's some more fun stuff we did. Emma loved watching the dolphin training.

When we met up with Mike et al., we went on Mission: SPACE. I have refused to go on that ride because I do not like spinning. However, Heather told me that the green line doesn't spin at all! It was actually pretty cool. I rode with her parents, Marty & Judy, and we had fun laughing about hitting the buttons in time and whose fault is was that we crashed. After that everyone went on Test Track, but Rebekah wanted to go on Soarin' so I took her. I was bummed to learn that they revamped Test Track. Oh well, I'm sure we will go again.

The interesting thing about this trip is that I never really was with my girls. They glued onto their Uncle Mike and Auntie Heather or their cousins. Ben and Emma never ran out of things to say to each other. And Rebekah was constantly holding Nathan's hand. If there was ever a ride that Rebekah couldn't go on (or didn't want to) then "Grandpa" Marty & "Grandma" Judy took her. I don't recall that the girls ever asked to sit with me on a ride.

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