Thursday, January 17, 2013

Spelling Bee

Emma was selected to participate in the Spelling Bee. She was one of 26 students at the school. Her first word was squalid. What? I did not even know what that word meant. Emma spelled it correctly. Way to go!! The next round I could tell she was getting nervous. Her word was evaluate. She left out the 2nd a. (They don't tell you that you missed it until at the end of the round). I was watching her face as she sat down. I saw her respelling the word in her head. Then there was a sharp intake of breathe and her hands when up to her mouth. She knew she made a mistake. Our eyes met and I wanted to cry for her. It was so hard to stay in my chair. I just wanted to run across the room and put my arms around her. I am still so proud of her for doing her best!

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