Friday, January 25, 2013

Snow Tubing

Emma's Girl Scout troop went snow tubing at Liberty_Mountain.  Click on that link and you can see what the runs look like!! Tons of fun! School let out 1-hour early because snow was in the forecast. So we headed up to the mountain early! Rebekah and I went with them (Clay had to work). 

It was nothing like I expected. When I have gone snow tubing with friends we just drove out to the mountains, pulled off the side of the road, and used some inflatable pool tubes or sleds to slide down. That was nothing. This was REAL snow tubing.
Rebekah went the first time with me (tubes connected), then with Emma's friend Olivia. After that she wanted to go by herself. I watched her the first couple of times but then she ran off and I lost sight of her. Some of the leaders reported that they saw her lying on her belly on the tube, being spun super fast by the workers and raising her hands in the air as she went. They said she caught some huge air but was smiling and laughing the whole way! That girl has no fear.

It was very cold and snowing the whole time. But we all had a great time. 

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