Tuesday, August 16, 2011

American Girl Party

Emma wanted a birthday party at the American_Girl store. A new one just opened near us in Tysons Corner. Since the cheapest party is $30/girl + $20/adult, I said no. However, I suggested that we could take a field trip to the new store and have treats at home. Emma loved the idea and spent the next few weeks selling lemonade, cookies, and baked goods with her friends to earn some spending cash.

We got the the store right as it opened and went straight to the doll salon. Emma wanted to get Felicity's ears pierced. The girls spent the next hour exploring the store with lots of giggling. Rebekah's favorite part was twirling in the sparkly pink dressing room. The girls made their purchases and we headed back home. We own 3 of the American Girl doll movies, so the girls watched Samantha on the drive to and from the mall.

Back at the house the girls put on a doll fashion show with their new purchases. I made dolphin shaped sandwiches and mini cupcakes for the girls and their dolls (notice that Rebekah doesn't have an American Girl doll but used her favorite "spotty dog" as a substitute).

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