Monday, March 21, 2011

What's in a name? Part 2

Rebekah is a very determined little girl. This is what I found on her chair when I went to pick her up from preschool. She had replaced her name tag with this new one.
Sadly, her preschool teacher does not approve and Rebekah has been corrected (I have struggled with seeing the problem since she still has another 1.5 years until she is in kindergarten, I am sure the Rapunzel phase will pass like all other things kids get into). She still wants to be Rapunzel and can't wait to turn 18 and change her name.


Kerry said...

This delights me to no end! I also see absolutely nothing wrong with it. More power to her!

Heather Rose Chase said...

I love this! We've had our share of run-in's with teachers that don't get Nat's particular brand of creativity and cleverness. If it's really a problem, explain to her that at school she has to use Rapunzel's secret school name, Rebekah, just so the other girls aren't jealous that they're in school with a princess.

claynheidi said...

THANK YOU! This has really been a struggle for me. Her teacher said she has to write Rebekah on her lessons, but she can write Rapunzel when she is drawing in free time. And the student teachers are no longer allowed to call her Rapunzel, she has to answer to Rebekah.

We have all wanted to be princesses at one time or another. She has taken it upon herselft to actually do it! I've got to admire that. I really hate for her to get into trouble for something like this.