Saturday, June 7, 2014

Cupcake and Macaron tour

My friend, Betsy, found a groupon for a cupcake and macaron tour in Georgetown. She invited anyone who wanted to join her for a tour. Just to give you a little education, this is a macaron, not to be confused with the american macaroon.

We started our tour at the Old Stone House. It is located right in the middle of Georgetown. It was built in 1765, making it the oldest standing building in Washington, DC. It has a beautiful garden with benches. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed strolling through the garden before out tour began.
Our first stop was Sprinkles. We got to sample their mini dark chocolate cupcake. It was very good. We went back at the end to buy some. I got the key lime, dark chocolate, black and white, and vanilla. They were all very good, except I was disappointed by the key lime.
Then we walked up Wisconsin Ave to Macaron Bee. On our way we passed Martin's Tavern. Every sitting president since Harry Truman has dined there (except Obama). In fact, JFK proposed to Jackie there. At Macaron Bee we tried the fleur del sel, caramel, and vanilla bean. We really liked the caramel & vanilla bean.
 We stopped at Patisserie Poupon and Thomas Sweet. We were not very impressed by them.
(Betsy, Melinda, Heidi, Stephanie)
This is the house where JFK & Jackie lived when he became president. They walked from this home, up the parade route, to the Capitol building for his inauguration. 
We walked past this very cool old church on our way to Dean & Deluca. It is a very cool grocery store. They gave us macarons, but I ended up with the hot chili chocolate one. Not good. Right next door was Olivia Macaron. They were good, but we still liked Macaron Bee the best. 
Our final stop was Georgetown Cupcakes. There is always a long line outside. This is probably my 4th time having a Georgetown Cupcake. I just got to say, I don't understand the line!! They are okay cupcakes. Sprinkles, just a block down the road, is so much better. Actually, I can name several other cupcake shops in the are that are much better. Oh well, I guess it is just the fame of their TV show.
We had a great time walking around and talking together. We could not have asked for a more beautiful day. A fun afternoon with friends.

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