Saturday, May 3, 2014

Savannah, GA

On our way out of Charleston in the morning we stopped for breakfast at Early Bird Diner. We got there just minutes before they opened and got the last available seats. It was featured on Food Network's Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. Clay had a traditional southern breakfast of fried chicken and waffles. It was yummy but a little odd for us. I ordered a la carte eggs, grits, bacon and pancakes. The pancakes were excellent and the grits were the best I've ever had.

When we got to Savannah we headed straight for River Street. There was a seafood festival going on down by the river. Right as we came down we got to watch a huge container ship come into port. One of the best parts was sampling pralines from River Street Sweets

We walked around the historic district and visited the Juliette Gordon Low home. We did not take a tour but did visit the gift shop.

Just 2 months ago, Rebekah bought a pretty puzzle at a silent auction. It was a painting by Thomas Kinkade, titles Savannah Romance. It had so many flowers and was so pretty. When Clay & I finally decided to go to Savannah as part of our trip we said we must go to where this painting depicts. It wasn't hard to find out that it was a painting of Forsyth Park. 

Forsythe Park is a beautiful lush green park. Huge old trees with Spanish moss growing everywhere. Beautiful crisp white fountains. But I was disappointed. Mr. Kinkade led me astray. There was not a single flower in bloom anywhere. 

We had lunch at Zunzi's, they had a gyro and great sauce. We also stopped at Leopold's for ice cream. We had a great time exploring the city. I loved how the city had all these Squares -little garden parks. As we walked around we saw weddings taking place in several of the Squares. Everything was green and lush. Just not so many flowers. All the homes had really cool details.

We had perhaps our best dinner ever at The Olde Pink House! They had amazing biscuits. We tried fried green tomatoes. Then we had the best filet mignon and braised pork shanks. Since Clay & I started a "Biggest Loser" competition we didn't want to order dessert. Our waitress brought us strawberries and cream  for dessert. We even spotted a bride we saw earlier in Forsyth Park having a quite dinner together at the Olde Pink House.
Many thanks to Deanna for watching the girls making it possible for us to take this trip!!

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