Friday, January 31, 2014

Spelling Bee

Emma was invited to participate in the spelling bee again this year. She did great job. She spelled words that I didn't know.
Sadly, she got out on a word that we skipped while practicing. When they said the word I had no clue what it was. I thought, I have never heard that before. I tried using my mental telepathy to tell Emma to ask for a definition and to use it in a sentence. I thought that would help. But she didn't. Then I asked Clay about the word when I got home... Should have know it. The word was Lanai. Had I thought they were talking about an island in Hawaii I would have known. But this was a spelling bee. Lots of verbs, adjectives, nouns. I couldn't think of any word in the English language that sounded like "lanie". And neither could Emma. 

I am still so proud of her to making it to the spelling bee. Most of the kids got out on the same round that Emma did. Though she was upset because she knew how to spell all those words that the others got out on. Maybe will will have to take her to Lanai one day to make it all better ;)

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