Saturday, November 16, 2013

Oklahoma City Memorial Service

The girls instantly fell in love with Clay's college-age cousin, Ian. Rebekah would not leave his side. We eventually had to tell her to give him a break.
 Here we are with Bruce & Kris, Uncle Paul & Nina & Ian.
 The girls also liked this stained glass just behind the podium of the funeral home.
 Here's everyone at the grave site. All four of Deanie's sons and their wives. Both of her sisters, Mona & Tava, were also able to attend.

 Here are more pictures of Rebekah and Ian together.

This was after we told Rebekah she had to give Ian a break.
Now, anger forgotten, she is back to her old self, making art with fallen leaves.

Clay's other grandparents, Alonzo Lemuel & Flora Mae Murray, are buried in the same cemetery. 
We took some time to visit them too.

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