Tuesday, April 9, 2013

DC in full bloom

We made it to the Cherry Blossoms on peak bloom day! The weather was spectacular!! A warm 85 degrees with a gentle warm breeze. It felt almost like Hawaii.
 I love the the color of the cherry blossoms. They are white with just the faintest hint of pink. 
 Have you seen the MLK memorial yet? So cool.

 After taking a few pictures of the girls, we handed the camera to Emma to take a few of Clay & I. She told us different poses to do. We had a lot of laughs...
 Here's the Jefferson Memorial.
The Washington Memorial is still being repaired from the Aug 2011 earthquake.
We got a nice view of the Capitol Building. 

 Here's a couple shots that Emma took with her camera. We always park next to the Potomac River. It is fun to watch rowing teams practice, also known as sculling or sweep

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Cruz's said...

Adorei as fotos, e saber que todos estão tão felizes! Abraços de Portugal