Thursday, March 14, 2013

School Talent Show

Emma was participating in the talent show at school. The surprise for the evening was that the teachers got up on stage and danced to "Footloose". Everyone laughed and cheered for them. They were not listed on the program but the biggest hit of the evening.
Emma and her friend Katherine did a comedy skit, "Jokes with Katherine" with special guest "Murray the Mustache Man". 
Here is a rundown of their skit.

K--Oh my gosh, I can't believe I am on stage! Mom, I hope you're videotaping this. This is 'Jokes with Katherine'. They are very funny tee-hee-hee. Hi, I'm Katherine and today we are here with Murray the Mustache Man. Do you have any jokes for us today Murray?
K--Well, aren't you going to tell us?
E--Well, yes. I was just waiting for your cue. Do you want to hear a joke about cats?
K--No, not really.
E--Well too bad!! You are going to hear one! Actually I was just KITTEN. Ha ha that one was really funny!
K--No, no it wasn't funny.
E--Sassy! Alright, I've got another joke for you. Knock, knock.
K--Who's there?
E--You Da Layee
K--You Da Layee who?
E--I didn't know you could yodel! That one is a rib-tickler!
K--(sarcastic)Ha ha very funny. Now when are these jokes going to get funny?
E--Alright, alright. I've gone one more. Where to bees go to the bathroom?
K--Where could they possibly go to the bathroom?
E--The BP Station!!
K--Wow. This is 'Jokes with Katherine'. This time not very funny.

As a finale for the skit they say "What Makes you Beautiful" goat edition. In case you haven't seen, there are tons of screaming_goat_editions of songs on YouTube. 
 Emma came home from school today not feeling well. She threw up around 4 pm. I thought it was just nerves, but she seemed to get worse. She was not looking good at all that evening. But the show must go on! She did not want to disappoint her friend. So she pushed through and did the skit. We went home immediately after. She threw up another 3 times after going to bed.

Here is a practice video the girls took of Katherine singing and Emma being the goat.

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