Thursday, December 13, 2012

Geo Bee

Emma was invited to participate in the Geography Bee at school. She was one of 12 in her grade that participated. She didn't win, but I am proud of her for even qualifying. 
The first round was fairly easy, multiple choice questions about the states. The next rounds had several hard questions.
Where is the Lane_River located?
On what continent is the Baltic_Sea located?
What state produces the most broiler_chickens?
Where is the Great_Bear_Lake Brooks range located?
On what continent is the Iberian and Jutlan_Peninsula?
Where is the town of Bozeman?
What is the chain of volcanic_islands about 1200 miles west of Alaska?
What is the name of the nomatic_tribe located in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina and Chile?

How did you do?

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