Saturday, September 22, 2012

Adventure Park

I am one of 4 leaders for our church youth group for girls ages 8-11. We meet twice a month to help the girls put into practice what they learn on Sunday. This week we had the opportunity to take the older girls on a ropes course. Here they all are ready for an adventure. 
 First we had to climb up to the top of the hill. Then we had to get outfitted in all our safety gear. 
Following a brief instructions about how to use our gear, we went out to one of the courses. I stayed on the bottom to take pictures of the girls.
Look how easy Emma makes it look. I on the other hand was pretty scared!! But I did it. I had bruises on the inside of my arm from holding on so tight. Here are some more shots of the course.
 Check out this zip-line. Looks fun from afar, but once you get on the platform and are looking down at where you are supposed to go, it's pretty scary. But it was my favorite part. It wasn't until the zip-line that I realized I was totally safe in my harness and could just rely on it. Before I was holding on for dear life. Now I realized that the harness would hold me and I could loosen my grip a bit.
 Some of the girls, including Emma, finished the course early and went on to another one. Here are some pictures of Emma on a different course. The other leader and I were the last ones to finish. We had one girl who was afraid of heights and needed a lot of encouragement to make it through. But she did it! She finished the course! 
 We finished our mourning with a lunch at the picnic tables. Congrats to everyone for completing the ropes course!  

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