Thursday, May 17, 2012

Adventures in the Outdoors

Today was a great day! Rebekah wanted to have a picnic. She got out the blanket and laid it out on the deck. Some orange juice, milk, pita chips, string cheese, and apple slices. She had it all ready for when Emma came home from school. What a great kid!
 Here is how our garden is looking right now. Top left: carrots, radishes, zucchinis. Top Right: snap peas, strawberries. Bottom right: cilantro, rosemary, lots of lettuce and spinach. Bottom left: blueberry bush and arugula. 
 When I took off the cover to the grill, I found this little guy. He seems to go back there every week. And every time I take off the cover and find him back I do a quick *gasp* and then call Rebekah out to   *carefully* take him back to the lawn somewhere.

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