Saturday, September 24, 2011

Day of Service

Our church announced that they wanted every congregation to participate in a Day of Service to celebrate 75 years of the Church Welfare program. Here in Virginia, Gov._Bob_McDonnell proclaimed that Sept 24th would be a Day of Service and asked all faith-based, community, and civic groups participate in providing service on that day.

Our congregation decided to help clean up Balls_Bluff_Battlefield to get ready for the 150th anniversary and reenactment. The area was densely forested. The park authorities came and cut down a huge swath of trees to restore it to it's original state (was a pig farm during the Civil War). Our job was to clear out all the branches, shrubs, brambles and debris so that the park guys could come back and mow. We also drove in about 50 t-stakes to rope off the viewing area.

Clay was at the head of coordinating the effort. He did a great job! Here is everyone taking a lunch break. Our women's organization made sandwiches for everyone. It was a great service project that the kids could help with too. The girls are sitting on either side of Chris Monk, who happens to be one of Rebekah's sunday school teachers.
Here's Clay with Charles Thomas and Matt Coats picking up a REALLY BIG tree trunk.

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