Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Rebekah

Today you are 4!

We invited Rebekah's best friend, Evan, and his family over. Uncle Jay and his friend A also joined up for the party. Rebekah requested a "rainbow mermaid" cake. So this is what I made. The top 5 layers of cake matched the fondant color --an egg-free white cake, colored to match. The bottom layer is a chocolate wacky cake.

Rebekah got a groovy girl doll from Gma M and puppets from Gdad & Kris.


Betsy Henry said...

Beautiful cake, Heidi! Looks like a fun birthday for Rebekah!

HollybyGolly said...

Awesome cake, Heidi!!! You really know how to make birthdays fun. My belated present just got mailed today so hopefully by this weekend you should have it. Give Rebekah a hug from me!!!!!!!

Ellie said...

Great cake! When you said you were trying to figure out how to do a rainbow mermaid cake I was thinking much more 2-dimensionally. The stacked rainbow is very fun!